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To get started, first decide if you want us to write your story for you, or if you’d like to write it yourself using us as a coach and editor. If we write it, it’s a commissioned biography.

If you write it with our help, it’s an assisted autobiography.

Commissioned Biography:

The process starts with two interviews. The interviews may be in-person or via phone or video conference. Next, we will write and edit the manuscript, format any photos you’d like to include, design the book cover, and send everything to you for approval. We’ll then publish your story using Kindle Direct Publishing, and it will be available on Amazon as both an e-book and paperback.

As a gift from us, you’ll also receive an audio file of your interviews to treasure along with two copies of your new book.

Assisted Autobiography:

Start by sending us a sample of your autobiography- approximately 15 pages- and we’ll recommend the necessary level of editing.

With substantive editing or “heavy” revision, we assist with the development of ideas, grammar, style, and organization.

With copy editing, or “medium” revision, we check for grammar, spelling, and diction errors.

With proofreading, or “light” revision, we review a final draft for formatting or typographical errors.

Advanced Obituaries:

The process starts with an hour-long interview.

We also encourage emailed contributions sent by those absent from the interview who wish to add information.

We’ll then write, edit, and format the obituary, and send it to you for approval.

Legacy Letters:

Like with writing obituaries, we begin this process with an hour-long interview.

We’ll then write, edit, and format the Legacy Letters, and send the document to you for approval.

Legacy Letters usually appear at the end of a Last Will and Testament; they are not legal documents but are instead heartfelt messages explaining to loved ones why they have been bequeathed gifts in the Will.

Writing Workshops:

Our interactive workshops teach participants how to begin the process of writing their autobiographies. We provide a list of questions to jog their memories, discuss story development, and assist with creating an outline.

The workshop is suitable for retirement communities, libraries, and community centers. We provide all the necessary materials.

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