Meet Jordan

Jordan Smith Graffis earned a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Marshall University. She began her career in the TV news industry as an anchor and reporter, earning awards for her writing from the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Also, a published author, Jordan’s first coming-of-age fiction novel, Cicada Summers, was released in 2019.

Because of her background in writing and communications, Jordan knows how to capture a person’s story. Her passion for preserving these legacies is why she founded Paragraff Prose. In fact, she considers it her legacy to write others, so it only made sense to include her last name in the business name rather than use the traditional spelling of “paragraph.”

Why choose Paragraff Prose:

We have a profound interest in uncovering, and then highlighting, what makes you so special- your memories, moments, and experiences.

We guide you through an informal, fun interview; encourage your input during the writing process; and create a professionally written biography.

The Paragraff Prose advantage:

As a creative writing agency, we’re legacy writers. We use technical skills and a writer’s sensibility to professionally preserve not just your life story but also the legacy of your entire family for generations to come.

Our goal is to create a treasured keepsake made specifically for you.

The importance of using a professional writer:

We don’t simply compile a collection of memories- we compose a cohesive account of your life, something that’s difficult to achieve with other companies’ “write-it-yourself” approaches.

Without an expert’s help, reflecting on precious memories can feel daunting, and creative writing can be time-consuming.

You, and your story, deserve more- with our help, you’ll soon be holding your life story in your hands.

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